the paper art of Derrick the Deathfin

here are some pics of papercraft models we have been using in the making of Derrick.

click on them for the nice big versions.

i have interspersed quotes from the film inception between the images to give them more of a contemporary edge.

Derrick paper studio“saito, I need you to take care of fischer while i go set some charges, okay?”
Derrick paper studio“i’ve always hated this carpet. stained and frayed in such distinctive ways. but very definitely made of wool. and now… now i’m lying on polyester.”
Derrick paper studio“mal, no!! jesus christ!”

that’s all very lovely, the more jaded & cynical amongst you might be thinking, but where the hell are the screenshots and in-game footage?

well, firstly i would advise patience.

secondly i would advise dealing with your hostility issues.


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