Look Who’s Back

In a week that’s proving crushingly triumphant for predators whose first name begins with ‘D’, Derrick the Deathfin is KickStartering his way to mobile courtesy of the amazing work of Ronzo!


Unlike his lettersake in the United States, Derrick is more of a traditional predator of the non-sexual variety, choosing instead to harass paper fish with a view to eating them.


Derrick would also like it to be made known that his creator was born in the US and loves the country very much & both of them hope that together we can all find a new way to address the worlds problems without the need to resort to hatred, sexism, racism and bigotry. Derrick notes with sadness that similar hatefulness has recently increased in his creator’s country of residence, and indeed is rising in most European waters too.


Derrick is reminded of the anger he used to harbour for dolphins as a teenager, blaming them for all the problems he faced as a young orphan shark, when really the roots of his distress were caused by humanoid greed & massive disparities in humanoid wealth. Derrick would like to make clear that those days are behind him now, but there may be a lesson in there for all of us.


Erm, so Derrick for Mobile has launched on KickStarter! Give generously if you feel that way inclined, there are loads of ace rewards too!

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