helicoid like visit to australian zoo, out now

no touching

helicoid is a new innovative game which you control by rotating & shaking your idevice.

like a visit to an australian zoo, or a trouble-free evening at a strip club, there is no touching involved.

anyway the game hit the app store today for the insultingly low sale price of $0.99. you should definitely pick it up before the sale ends.

get helicoid

the sale never ends.


  1. Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

  2. Hi!

    Great game guys! Only one thing:

    I almost had the high score – THE HIGH SCORE – when my finger accidentally touched the QUIT button while twirling my high priced piece of electronics which I need to hold onto very tightly as I wouldn’t be able to afford another if this one flew through the air and smashed to the ground!! And so I was kindly and swiftly taken back to the main menu. Bummer! Maybe another way to quit in the next update?

    I’ll keep playing though 😉

  3. haha sorry about that mikkel.

    my advice: let the phone fly next time. if it breaks take it back to the iStore and tell them you dropped it out of a window whilst trying to get decent reception.

    my advice to myself: maybe a quit confirm button in next update. urgh.

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