project DERRICK initiated!

after intense lobbying at both a low and stratospheric level, indie gaming consortium different tuna are delighted to announce that they have successfully secured financial backing for project DERRICK.

different tuna is comprised of independent games companies different cloth & Tuna as well as mercurial artist RONZO.

funding for the project has very generously and very wisely been provided by 4ip and Screen Yorkshire.

project DERRICK

an initial concept sketch for project DERRICK is provided above (click for larger version).

further details of the project cannot be released at this stage – mainly because nobody knows what they are yet. nevertheless, the consortium do promise an intense gaming experience unlike any other, which i will now attempt to describe:

imagine you have just trodden on a fork. now imagine you are also a giraffe. further imagine your long neck is stuck in an orange press. multiply that sensation by twelve. and a half.

project DERRICK is scheduled for release in the second half of 2011 on PC, Mac & console if they accept it.

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