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Abridged version

You may already be aware that Drive!Drive!Drive! will be coming to PS4 & Vita next year. But did you know it’s coming to PC, Mac & Linux too?

And did you know that our publisher is none other than that most wonderful of all games companies & close personal friends of ours in-real-life-reality Choice Provisions?!

In fact you can read more all about it right now on the brand new super sensual Choice Publishing Hyper-Link.Page!

Unabridged version


Imagine you are a semi-professional fisherman by trade. In 2009 you have a moderate amount of success with a pretty niche but thoroughly flavoursome new kind of halibut which you trawl up. Said halibut receives a good deal of praise from the fishing community & ends up winning a prestigious Independent Gregarious Fishing award in 2010.

Emboldened by the initial success of the niche halibut find & believing your fish-related trajectory to be eternally pointed skyward you spend the following 2 years catching dopy looking sharks, which ends up being slightly more successful commercially than the halibut that started your fishing career but garnered less attention in the specialist press for whatever reason that might be I guess they have their own agendas/prejudices to follow & who am I to criticise?

Thereafter you spend 6 months trying to get a StickKarter campaign off the ground to fund to a sequel to the original ground breaking halibut find that stickkarted your whole career, but to no avail.


The following year involves a lot of lonely contemplation on the open seas, considering what kind of angling venture to pursue next.

Eventually you decide on an entirely fresh strategy of trying to catch multiple fish at the same time then stacking them up in a kind of tower thing & hope people understand what the hell is going on & enjoy it a bit. Eventually you take this new concept to the Gregarious Diving Conference off the coast of San Francisco to try to find some people who are prepared to go on a long fishing trip with you to see if it works out & also to pay for the privilidge. At the event you stay with your best friends in the angling world but spend the entire time hawking your simultaneous fishing idea to people other than them in the hope of finding an aquatic investor for your project.

Imagine your surprise & delight, then, when upon sailing home from California your friends get in touch & tell you they – themselves! – want to help you to bring your simultaneous triple fish stacking idea to the unsuspecting general public!


Incredible joy abounds!

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