beverly hills 2010

what with it being a new year and everything we thought we’d better reveal some of our plans to the reading several.

1 ~ secret project!

first off we have a confession to make: we’ve been working on a secret project.

the reasons that it has been kept secretive are as follows:

a) we haven’t told anybody about it
b) nobody has asked

this screen is from the current prototype, the final version probably won’t look anything like it:

secret iphone project

it’s for the iphone, and it’s due for release late spring/early summer/premature autumn.

unfortunately we cannot reveal any further details on this project at this time – despite the overwhelming lack of interest that it has so far failed to generate (see reasons a and b above).

2 ~ something on a console

we are looking to get a downloadable game onto a console in the first half of the year; possibly with the help of some friends.

i know, what a pathetically vague announcement. if you think that was disappointing, though, just wait for the next one.

3 ~ maybe something on a personal computer

we have an all new brand spanking freshly buffed organically reared game idea which we hope to be able to release for PC this year at some point.

this one involves a crazy kind of flight simulation. haven’t started it yet though, so let’s pencil in a chillingly late winter release date.


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