2016: The Year Of Cognitively Overloaded Contentment!

Drive!Drive!Drive! Logo

That is the likely state induced by driving lots of cars around lots of tracks at the same time.

This year will see the release of Drive!Drive!Drive!, or D!³ for those of you too lazy to compute the correct nomenclature.

D!³ is coming along really nicely, I’m very busy/happy with it, and it feels like it’s shaping up to be a pretty amazing game!

Yes, that opinion is completely unbiased.

So much love for the new year to you all & stay tuned!

Choice! Choice! Choice!


Abridged version

You may already be aware that Drive!Drive!Drive! will be coming to PS4 & Vita next year. But did you know it’s coming to PC, Mac & Linux too?

And did you know that our publisher is none other than that most wonderful of all games companies & close personal friends of ours in-real-life-reality Choice Provisions?!

In fact you can read more all about it right now on the brand new super sensual Choice Publishing Hyper-Link.Page!

Unabridged version


Imagine you are a semi-professional fisherman by trade. In 2009 you have a moderate amount of success with a pretty niche but thoroughly flavoursome new kind of halibut which you trawl up. Said halibut receives a good deal of praise from the fishing community & ends up winning a prestigious Independent Gregarious Fishing award in 2010.

Emboldened by the initial success of the niche halibut find & believing your fish-related trajectory to be eternally pointed skyward you spend the following 2 years catching dopy looking sharks, which ends up being slightly more successful commercially than the halibut that started your fishing career but garnered less attention in the specialist press for whatever reason that might be I guess they have their own agendas/prejudices to follow & who am I to criticise?

Thereafter you spend 6 months trying to get a StickKarter campaign off the ground to fund to a sequel to the original ground breaking halibut find that stickkarted your whole career, but to no avail.


The following year involves a lot of lonely contemplation on the open seas, considering what kind of angling venture to pursue next.

Eventually you decide on an entirely fresh strategy of trying to catch multiple fish at the same time then stacking them up in a kind of tower thing & hope people understand what the hell is going on & enjoy it a bit. Eventually you take this new concept to the Gregarious Diving Conference off the coast of San Francisco to try to find some people who are prepared to go on a long fishing trip with you to see if it works out & also to pay for the privilidge. At the event you stay with your best friends in the angling world but spend the entire time hawking your simultaneous fishing idea to people other than them in the hope of finding an aquatic investor for your project.

Imagine your surprise & delight, then, when upon sailing home from California your friends get in touch & tell you they – themselves! – want to help you to bring your simultaneous triple fish stacking idea to the unsuspecting general public!


Incredible joy abounds!

Announcing… Drive!Drive!Drive!

Drive!Drive!Drive! driving gif

‘The best British musical since Billy Elliot’ – Mark Shenton, The Stage

New game alert! It’s called Drive!Drive!Drive! & it’s a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time.

Loads – well, a couple – more details are available on the official site:


I hope you like it – you’d be crazy not too.

That said if you are crazy please stick around anyway I think we may have something in common.

The reaction from everyone thus far has been incredible – whoop!

Oh and did I mention that the game music is by the amazingly talented state-of-the art synth/prog/post-rock band ZOMBI?!?

a year without Limits


happy moderately belated new year!

my new years resolution was to resist the temptation to warble on like a hummingbird with a speech impediment in blog posts, so this will be short. in fact it could’ve been even shorter without that last unnecessary sentence. or indeed that one.

anyway it suffices to say that the racing game formerly known as Limit is no longer known as Limit but – excitingly! – is set to be announced within the next few weeks.

in fact i am beavering away on it right now like a primarily nocturnal semi-aquatic rodent constructing a dam.

so keep your eyes peeled and your satsumas likewise!

On the difficulties of climbing on to evaporated water

Getting on to Steam turned out to be much harder than we thought.


We assumed that, having successfully launched Derrick the Deathfin on PlayStation 3, a quiet word with a secret contact at Valve would see us onto Steam through the backdoor, no questions asked. Launching a PS3 game with a team containing just me & Ronzo was surely the biggest albatross for Derrick to jump over, no? After that Steam would be very receptive to Derrick, no? Erm, no.

First step in our masterplan was to tap up one of our indie game pals for a secret contact at Valve, which we managed to do under the cover of darkness and a dense mist of beer. The next day we emailed said top secret Valve contact with a bit of info about the game, a couple of shit gags and a photo of Derrick on a kettle. If that doesn’t do it, we thought, nothing will.


Despite the brilliance and unashamed balls-out originality of our innovative and ingenious plan, it didn’t work. We were told by the top secret contact to put Derrick on Greenlight. And so it was to be. For 433 days.

In truth we were slightly apprehensive about putting the game on Greenlight – for a number of reasons:

1. We were wary of bombarding friends and followers with yet more marketing harassment to ask for votes.
2. A successful Greenlight campaign is just that, a campaign. We felt like we had already been fighting a war for 2 years to get Derrick on to console, and to be honest didn’t really fancy another bloody battle.
3. We have a checkered history when it comes to popularity contests.

Nevertheless we were sure we would get out of Greenlight pretty quickly, couple of months tops. Another grand misconception!

Derrick the Deathfin Wallpaper One_HD_1920x1080

So in the end it took just over a year for Derrick to pass the Greenlight process. It turns out the secret was just to wait patiently, and not freak out too much or become overly depressive when you see tons of other games getting Greenlit every couple of months and not yours. Being in an Indie Royale bundle and – particularly – being on Indiegamestand helped to boost our up votes too.

So now, finally, the Greenlight dimension has been transcended and Derrick the Deathfin has reached a new astral plane on Steam. The process of preparing the game for the service, as well as integrating achievements – and all new leaderboards! – has been remarkably easy.

Steam itself is great, getting on to it not so much.

As I’m sure you are aware Valve has openly suggested a number of times that it is looking to scrap Greenlight altogether. We say: good! bye!

What’s that you say? What would we do if we were employed as Chief Executive Director of Distribution Determination at Valve? Well, we would open up the store completely and allow everyone on. Copy the Apple App Store, basically, but without some of their crazy assed pseudo political rules.

Why are we suggesting that Steam should open up to everyone even though it patently works against our best interests now that Derrick has successfully scaled the walls of the castle? Because we are idiots, worse still optimistic ones.

Derrick will be picked up by millions of gamers on Steam in any case.

there’s no Limit

happy new year everybody!

as is traditional i wanted to let all of you excellent people in on what different cloth has planned for the coming year.

1) we are working on a new game, tentatively and cryptically codenamed Limit!


some toy cars on a red carpet – there aren’t any screenshots yet so we had to improvise.

Limit is a driving / racing game *with a massive twist*.

the game has a pretty experimental mechanic at it’s core, and if we can iron out all the kinks it looks set to breeze through your cranium with more alpine freshness than a collection of swiss bedsheets.

however, we can’t promise that the game will be very unique.

that’s because adding an intensifier to a word that means one of a kind makes no sense! something is either unique or it isn’t! Limit is!

erm, so because of it’s experimental nature we are doing loads of prototyping at the moment to make everything work together nicely, hopefully it will, and when it does we will actually show you the thing!

2) some other bits

there are ideas afoot for a new action puzzle title which may see the light of day in 2014 & even plans floating around for a certain paper shark to make a fresh appearance too…

so watch this   !