there’s no Limit

happy new year everybody!

as is traditional i wanted to let all of you excellent people in on what different cloth has planned for the coming year.

1) we are working on a new game, tentatively and cryptically codenamed Limit!


some toy cars on a red carpet – there aren’t any screenshots yet so we had to improvise.

Limit is a driving / racing game *with a massive twist*.

the game has a pretty experimental mechanic at it’s core, and if we can iron out all the kinks it looks set to breeze through your cranium with more alpine freshness than a collection of swiss bedsheets.

however, we can’t promise that the game will be very unique.

that’s because adding an intensifier to a word that means one of a kind makes no sense! something is either unique or it isn’t! Limit is!

erm, so because of it’s experimental nature we are doing loads of prototyping at the moment to make everything work together nicely, hopefully it will, and when it does we will actually show you the thing!

2) some other bits

there are ideas afoot for a new action puzzle title which may see the light of day in 2014 & even plans floating around for a certain paper shark to make a fresh appearance too…

so watch this   !

lilt line too! will no longer be coming at yoo!

despite mine & ill.gates best efforts, lilt line too! did not manage to reach it’s Kickstarter goal.

we did reasonably well, got over 60% of the way there & tried our very best.

the project formerly known as lilt line too!

more importantly, the encouragement i received from friends & supporters alike was amazing & the generousity of backers was genuinely humbling.

nevertheless, we didn’t make the goal so i won’t be making lilt line too! anymore.

never fear, though, i have plenty of new ideas which will be heading your way in the future.

for now though, massive thanks for all the pledges & all the support, i will never forget it!

be right back…

running a Kickstarter is a bit like being pregnant

first off, the conception can be very exciting indeed.

then, once you go public with the news, everyone is incredibly supportive. the warmth of friends and strangers alike is almost overwhelming.

but then, after a couple of weeks, everyone kind of gets on with their own lives & forgets about the extra weight you are carrying around. some may even get bored of your constant yammering about your upcoming arrival.

however, that stage eventually passes and people interest themselves in you once again, in the knowledge that a great effort will soon need to be expended to bring something new into the world.

that’s the stage we’re in now – there are 10 days to go.

and i’m feeling the urge to push!

2 plus 0 plus 1 equals 3

what on earth could this signify?
all rise! a new number has ticked over on the gregorian calendar!

so here’s a bit of what you can expect from different cloth in this year of two thous and thirteen.

1/ Derrick the Deathfin on some wholly new completely fresh and erotically charged platforms!

after a somewhat lumbering start wholly befitting of his deep set eyes and suspiciously laid back demeanour, Derrick has started to pick up some proper momentum. as word has begun to spread about his unique papercraft sillyness sales have started to point in the right direction, which is ace news and also means: new platforms coming soon! how soon? sooner than you could possibly imagine. but seriously, how close are we to release? closer than you could possibly dream.

2/ something rhythmically and mystically and spiritually related to lilt line

regaining lilt?

what is this thing? how does it work? who is going to fund it?

so many questions, young mannequin. all will be answered in due course.

until then: happy new year everyone!