Introducing: Anything World

Anything World Logo

Have you ever dreamed about requesting anything in the world you desire and then immediately playing with it? *

Well, with mine & Ronzo’s new venture Anything World you will soon be able to!

First up is a free little AR experiment on iOS and Android called Speak To Anything.

It’s free, no IAP, no ads, no bs!

Go grab it on iOS!
Go grab it on Android!

Different Cloth will be making a range of games using Anything World tech so stay tuned for those. Colour us excited!

* No, not that kind of thing.

A good year on paper?

Hello 2018.

As you are probably already demonically aware Derrick the Deathfin is out right now on iOS and Android.

There might be a new Derrick title coming your way at some point.

There is also something in the depths of my mind so implausible, so amorphous, so wildly ambitious that it will strain your cranium to its maximum extents to even comprehend its fledgling form.

I might work on that a bit this year as well.

Happy happy year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

As is traditional after the tick of the gregorian clock in to a new year here’s a little post outlining what you can expect from different cloth in this newest of new years!

Hold up. What’s that? It’s March already? Wowzers.

Well, they do say that time flies when you’re having fun. It would appear to be equally true that time flies when the world is in the grip of a maniacal intolerance which seeks to divide us all and aggressively scapegoat minorities.

So, without further ado, here’s what you are rightly entitled to expect from us this year. If you are a Steam user I hereby grant you permission to feel doubly entitled.

1. Drive!Drive!Drive! in a Box!Box!Box!

Drive!Drive!Drive! is a great game. You really should pick it up. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made. Not a difficult accolade perhaps, but an accolade nonetheless. Here it is covered in plastic with a bunch of other fantastic games from the mildly erotic but distinctly mildewy smelling folks at Choice Provisions. That’s coming soon but it’s available on PS4 & Steam right now.



2. Derrick the Deathfin in a Tele-phone!

Derrick for mobile was successfully Kickstarted back in December. Whoop! Ronzo & myself are hard at work at it & much like Ron’s face it’s starting to feel really lovely in my hands now. The game will be out before the Summer. Unless it isn’t. In which case it would be late!



3. Wax: an entirely new music game!

That’s right music game fans who have been vaguely interested in my output since lilt line but bitterly disappointed ever since – your time has come! I received a bit of funding from the wildly appropriately named Horsham District Council to help me build a prototype of this new musical game. It’s tentatively called Wax for very clever reasons that have nothing to do with ears. Here’s a screenshot of how it won’t look or play at all since it’s from a prototype which is a year old now – enjoy!



I do hope you appreciate these excellent things when they arrive, in the meantime please try to love each other a little more tenderly.